About Capital Financial Resources

Capital Financial ResourcesCapital Financial Resources and Property Management LLC (CFR) is a privately owned company that specializes in distressed real estate. CFR’s goal is being able to provide quick solutions for home owners that are in need of quick results.

Even though CFR wholesales, rehabs and retails properties as well it has rental properties in its own portfolio, our main focus right now is on the Non Performing note industry. We do purchase these assets for our own portfolio as well as with our investor partners. With these notes, we can help the home owner remain in their home if they wish by re-modifying the note that can meet their current financial condition as well as achieving our investment goals. Both a win for the borrower and our investment partner.

CFR is large enough to be able to purchase a “Poole of notes” at one time but small enough to give immediate attention to the homeowner and work on a solution to turn these non- performing notes into a performing asset that provides a high rate of return, safely and securely to our investment partners.

Tim SiebelinkCFR prides itself in being able to help home owners in distress by creating a way to either stay in their home or to able to walk away from a property that they no longer want. We can do this quickly and quietly so as not to generate any more stress in their life as well as making it easy for them to move forward. If this is either by purchasing the brick and mortar property itself or by purchasing the non- performing note that is guaranteed by the property, CFR always strives for a win-win solution.

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