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Hedge Fund Formula

The Insider Hedge Fund Formula

Investing in discounted real estate notes is my #1 financial recommendation in the world right now.

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to take advantage of what I believe to be America’s most important investment strategy.

And it’s a lot simpler than you think…

With good traditional real estate deals getting harder and harder to come by, real estate notes is simply the opportunity that many people need right now.

Buying discount notes really only comes down to four simple steps:

  1. Find the deals – You have to know who to talk to that sells these deals.
  2. Price the deals – You have to know how to evaluate the deals to see if it’s a good buy.
  3. Source the money – You have to know how to fund the deals.
  4. Close the deal and profit – You have to know what to do with the deal after you bought it and how to make the most on each transaction.

So let’s talk about what you’ll get in this course..

Part #1 The State of the Industry

Simply put, this video will catch you up on the past 32 years of the industry.  You get everything you need to know and nothing that you don’t.

Basically, Eddie wants to get you caught up to his level of knowledge as quickly as possible and this letter will set the foundation for you to become an expert as quickly as possible.

This video alone will give you more knowledge than 90% of investors out there.

Part #2 Formula for Finding Deals

This is step one in the framework I showed you above and understanding how to effectively find the deals will be critical to your success as a note investor.

Eddie will show you what kinds of note sellers to look for and how to approach them.  He will show you who to work with and, just as important, who NOT to work with.  Plus he will show you why the overwhelming majority of investors out there are getting this dead wrong.

This letter will put you light-years ahead of your competition.

Part #3 The Perfect Pricing Formula

In this letter, Eddie is going to tell you exactly how to evaluate any note deal you come across.  He’ll show you step by step, how to evaluate the note itself and the underlying collateral (the property).

What’s even better, Eddie will show you how you can easily and accurately do it from the comfort of your own home.

The secrets in this letter are what allows his students to buy deals all over the country no matter where they are located.

This is a game changer.

Part #4 Secret Sourcing Strategies

This letter is all about sourcing money.  Eddie is going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how to fund your deals with the $9.9 Trillion dollars of anxious money that is available in the market today.

He will give you the blueprint for how to find people with anxious money, how to approach them and how to position yourself correctly so they want to work with you.

Do this right, and pretty soon you’ll have money chasing you. It’s that powerful.

When you follow the strategies in this letter, you won’t need to worry about how to fund your deals, ever again.

Part #5 The Closers’ Guide to Profits

In this video, Eddie is going to make you a closer.  He will show you all the strategies you need to know to maximize your profits on every deal.  The simple, step by step process he will show you, will make the closing process fun and easy.

He will show you strategies to make some money quickly, make more money over the long term and even how to cash more than one paycheck on a deal where the average investor only gets one.

This video could be the difference between making a lot of money on a deal, or losing your shirt.

NOW here is the most important about this special post.

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You won’t pay $15,000…..or even $5,000. Normally, to get access to this game-changing course, the cost is $997.

Which is a pretty good deal compared to what some of the hedge funds are paying Eddie.

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