Discount Real Estate Note Investing: FREE 5-Day Video Training



Discount Real Estate Note Training – Free 5-Day Video Training

Getting into Discount Real Estate Note Investing doesn’t have to be hard.

This important beginner’s course gets to the bottom-line with 5 FREE Online Training Videos. You’ll be presented with one per day during the next week. The course is simple in nature, it isn’t tricky or confusing to understand. Eddie purposely designed it to give you a complete understanding of the Note Investing process from beginning to end. From investing in Non-Performing Notes to buying and holding notes for cash flow to earn significant returns on your investment, it’s all here. Eddie has made every effort to anticipate and answer all of the commonly asked questions he has received over his 33 years of accomplished note investing experience.

This Mini-Course puts you on the fast track and is packed with 100% genuine training content. There is absolutely nothing for sale in any of the video lessons. This gives you the insight to pinpoint and take advantage of the Discount Real Estate Note Investment Strategy.

More importantly, this Mini-Course will absolutely help you decide whether this particular investment opportunity is the perfect strategy for your current and future financial success.

We are at a unique time in our economy and I guarantee that the next 4-5 years will create an extraordinary amount of wealth for the people who know how to take advantage of it.

Discount Note Investing is, without a doubt, the best opportunity in Real Estate right now and arguably the best investment opportunity available anywhere.

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Happy Investing!

Tim Siebelink

Insider Hedge Fund Formula – Free Webinar

Finally: Success For You In This Market!

The Insider Hedge Fund Formula
Discover The Proven System 

To buy a special kind of real estate that gets you chunks of cash upfront and passive cash flow, without using any of your own cash or credit, and very little of your time.


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What is a Discounted Note?

So, what is a discounted note?

Tim Siebelink, CEO, Capital Financial Resources, explains what a discounted note is, and the advantage of investing in these these using your Roth IRA.

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Happy Investing!

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Investment Property – Dayton, Ohio – Owner Financing

Investment Property, Dayton, Ohio

Investors, Purchase this property with a tenant and maintenance company in place. 50% down and we will finance the other 50% @ 4%. Property will fully amortize in just 72months. Own this great investment property free and clear in just 72 months with 50% down. Let the tenant pay the other 50% for you.

Located in Dayton, OH. This 3 bedroom has a large 2 car garage and is well maintained. Great location and easy to rent.

Sale Price of $49,900. Down payment of $24,950 and we will finance $24,950 @ 4% for 72mn’s with a payment of $390.35PI. Don’t pay all cash when you can have investor financing at a low 4% Interest.

Call Tim at 855-750-7070 or send him a message for other properties available.

Go to our Investment tab, Fill out the short questionnaire under “Purchasing Direct From CFR” and join our buyers list. Every time we have an Investment property or Note for sale, We will notify you.