ROI Return on InvestmentAre you looking for an alternative to the stock market?

Capital Financial Resources and Property Management LLC has both rental properties and real estate notes for sale.

CFR can structure a note sale to an investor that has a great rate of return while having a first ( 1st ) lien on a property at a 50% loan to value as collateral.

What does that mean to me, the investor?

Lets say that you invested $25,000 on a note that was paying you monthly payments. The collateral ( Mortgage ) is on a home that is worth $50,000. The borrower, for what ever reason, can not continue to make their monthly payments to you ( The Lender ). Could be that they lost their job, death in the family, medical issues, bad things happen to good people. At this point, you as a lender can modify the loan to help the borrower get back on their feet or worst case, foreclose on the property and recoup your investment. Do you think you can sell a house worth $50,000 for at least $25,000 ? With this kind of equity cushion built-in when you purchase the note, the investor knows that they have a safe and secure investment that provides monthly passive income with a great rate of return.

Now, you just invested $25,000 in a company by buying their stock. The next day, week, month, whenever… That great company you bought into, just got caught violating some rule, had a toxic spill, CEO got caught doing something they should not have been doing, something – somewhere in the world gave that company a black eye. The stock takes a nose dive. You lose 10-15-25% of the value. WHERE IS YOUR BUILT IN CUSHION ? You really have no control, you are just in for the ride. Don’t forget about the ride we just took from 2008 -2010, where many 401k’s turned into 200k’s.

Do you have an IRA , Roth IRA or a HSA Account with money just sitting in it because you are not sure what to invest in?

Did you know that can invest in Real Estate and in Notes with your self-directed IRA, Roth or HSA?

You do not need ten’s of thousands of dollars to be able to purchase a note, CFR has sold partial notes for as little as $5000.00. Don’t let your money lay around earning 1-2% in a saving account or CD. Let CFR show you how to invest in your future, earning monthly passive income, with high rates of return, safely and securely thru real estate notes.

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