Tired of receiving monthly payments?

Capital Financial Resources and Property Management LLC is a principle buyer of all type of notes. We purchase Performing , Re-Performing and Non-Performing notes. Both 1st and 2nd lien position. Are you tired of receiving the monthly payments? Those payments that really are not enough each month to make a difference but to much a month to just throw away. Turn that small monthly cash flow in to one large lump sum.

Use that lump sum to :

  • Pay off debt
  • Put a child through college
  • Take a vacation
  • Pay off your current mortgage or car loans
  • Re-invest for a better return
  • Purchase that new toy you have been looking at: ( Car, Boat etc..)
  • Purchase your vacation property

CFR is a nationwide residential and commercial mortgage note buyer. CFR will purchase a single note or a portfolio. No single note is to small or a portfolio to large. We purchase these types of notes whether they are performing or if the borrower has not paid for a while. ( Non – Performing)

  • First Mortgage
  • Second Mortgage
  • Contracts For Sale
  • Contracts For Deed
  • First and Second Deeds of Trust
  • Real Estate Land Contracts

We can structure the purchase several ways to help meet your needs:

  • Whole note purchase
  • Partial note purchase
  • All or partial purchase of a balloon payment
  • Multi- Stage payments
  • Split payment partials

The type of collateral we except backed by the notes:

  • Single Family Residential
  • Apartments
  • 2 to 4 family investment properties
  • Improved land and individual lots
  • Mobile homes with lot
  • Ranches / Farm
  • Condo / Townhouse
  • Portfolios
  • Commercial

For a free confidential quote on your seller financed note CLICK HERE and fill out the questionnaire. I will get back to you shortly to discuss all of your options that are available to you.