How Are Notes Priced?

I want to sell my seller finance note.

How Are Notes Priced?What dictates the value of my note?

There is really no “ Rule of thumb” when pricing a note. Each note must be evaluated on its own merit and redeeming factors.

There are 6 main factors that drive the price when evaluating a note.

1) The Credit of the Buyer.
– This one Is self explanatory: Does the buyer pay their financial obligations as agreed?

2) The Collateral
– What kind of property is collateralizing the note?
– Where is the property?
– What is the condition of the property?

3) The Buyers Equity and the Loans LTV:
– How much equity is there between the fair market value of the collateral and the unpaid balance on the note?
– How much did the buyer put down when they purchased the property? (We call this “ skin in the game”)

4) The Terms of the Note:
– How long is the term of note?
- Is there a Balloon on the note? Can the borrower refinance the note when the balloon comes due?
What is the interest rate on the note?

5) Seasoning:
- How many payments have been made and have they been made as agreed?

6) The Paperwork
- Was the note created by an attorney that did all of the proper legal paperwork or was the note created on the hood of a pickup truck?

As you can see, there are many factors that go into pricing the value of your note. We need to be able to paint a picture of the history of the note as well as check on the current financial condition of the buyer to determine the risk of future payments.

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