Do you have a house or property that you need to sell fast?

Need To Sell Your House

Need to get a property off your back?

Capital Financial Resources and Property Management LLC are not realtors or associated with a realtor. We do not want to list your property, we want to purchase your house.

There are not any commissions, fees or hidden charges for us to buy your property. We have helped sellers solve their real estate problems in just about every conceivable situation. If it turns out that we feel that we can not help you, we will tell you so and recommend some solutions for you. The goal is to help you sell the property.

There are many reasons that a house needs to be sold:

  • Is it vacant?
  • Are you paying more than one mortgage?
  • It is an Estate?
  • Are you going thru a divorce?
  • Tired of being a Landlord?
  • Do you have a Job Transfer or need to relocate?
  • Lost your source of income?
  • Can not sell because there is no equity?
  • Home is in need of repairs?

CFR is a real estate investment company that prides itself in helping property owners that need to sell fast and move on with their lives. We will even purchase a rental property with a tenant still in the place even though they are not paying rent. We will finish the eviction process. We typically do not pay full price for properties with bad tenants in them simply because of the cost to evict, the loss of income while the eviction process is in place and they normally trash and damage the property on the way out. CFR will buy any house of any size or condition if it meets or criteria, we just need to be able to make a profit.

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