Discount Real Estate Note Investing: FREE 5-Day Video Training



Discount Real Estate Note Training – Free 5-Day Video Training

Getting into Discount Real Estate Note Investing doesn’t have to be hard.

This important beginner’s course gets to the bottom-line with 5 FREE Online Training Videos. You’ll be presented with one per day during the next week. The course is simple in nature, it isn’t tricky or confusing to understand. Eddie purposely designed it to give you a complete understanding of the Note Investing process from beginning to end. From investing in Non-Performing Notes to buying and holding notes for cash flow to earn significant returns on your investment, it’s all here. Eddie has made every effort to anticipate and answer all of the commonly asked questions he has received over his 33 years of accomplished note investing experience.

This Mini-Course puts you on the fast track and is packed with 100% genuine training content. There is absolutely nothing for sale in any of the video lessons. This gives you the insight to pinpoint and take advantage of the Discount Real Estate Note Investment Strategy.

More importantly, this Mini-Course will absolutely help you decide whether this particular investment opportunity is the perfect strategy for your current and future financial success.

We are at a unique time in our economy and I guarantee that the next 4-5 years will create an extraordinary amount of wealth for the people who know how to take advantage of it.

Discount Note Investing is, without a doubt, the best opportunity in Real Estate right now and arguably the best investment opportunity available anywhere.

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Happy Investing!

Tim Siebelink

Note Expo 2014

Note Expo

*Note Expo 2014 – November 7-8 – Dallas, TX


I’m part of a community of investors who hold a big get-together every year in Dallas, and this year we’re allowed to invite friends who might be interested.

The event is called Note Expo 2014 – and the name comes from the fact that a big focus of our group is using real estate notes to create cashflow streams and equity. What I love about these gatherings is that in a room with 300 investors, there are about 299 different strategies for making money with notes, with real estate, and with other vehicles. I always walk away with new ideas that make me money.

The bottom line is that this is a serious brain trust of successful, entrepreneurial, creative investors who come together out of a common desire to learn new investing strategies, grow their portfolios, and network.

I think you’d fit right in.

Hope you can join me there – here’s more info if you’re curious: Click here

Talk soon,


P.S. -Tickets are pretty cheap right now but prices go up when the early bird deal ends. I think you’ve still got a couple weeks though. Book now.

P.S.S – If you haven’t checked out our free 3 part learning series on “Investing in Notes” click here.

Anderson, IN – Non-Performing Note – Create Your REO – $22,000

Anderson front garage
Purchase Note: $22,000


Create your own REO’s!!! We have already started the foreclosure process, you just pick up where we are now and when it goes to the courthouse steps, the property becomes yours. The simple process of creating your own REO for less than buying an REO, AND less time!!!! Call today.

Property is vacant, you will not have to evict anyone. All property taxes have been paid, it is just waiting for a new owner to take over.
This will make a great rental property, 3 bedroom asset and will rent in the $550-$650 range immediately.
Call today to build your portfolio!

2610 West 18th Street
Anderson, IN 46011